Raleigh Estate Planning Lawyers

An estate plan is more than just a will. It includes documents that can ensure that your wishes for your own health care are respected even if you are unable to voice them yourself. It is a way of preserving the assets you have worked so hard to build during your lifetime and minimizing taxes when they are one day transferred to your heirs or other beneficiaries.

With an estate plan, you can provide for a family member with special needs, remember people who are special to you, and support a favorite charity.

Many people fail to understand the importance of an estate plan until it is too late. Others avoid estate planning because they believe only wealthy people require them. The worst way to distribute your assets is to die without a will. At Shanahan McDougal, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we believe everyone should have a well-made estate plan. Now we’ve put estate planning services within almost everyone’s reach.

Based on our years of experience crafting estate plans for wealthy individuals, we have developed a method for producing high-quality estate plans that are reasonable for most families. For one very affordable price we will produce a will, a living trust, health care power of attorney (living will), and durable power of attorney.

Do not put it off any longer. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making plans for the future today. To learn more about our estate planning services, please contact an attorney at our office today.

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